Sheri-Lynn Kenny



Reviewed by Jack Magnus for Readers' Favourite - 5/5 stars

The Adventures of Digbee: The Mud Flat Bullies is a educational children’s picture book written and illustrated by Sheri-Lynn Kenny. Digbee is a young coelophysis dinosaur who works at a museum. He loves his job -- he’s really good at standing still for hours and loves being part of the museum’s display of dinosaurs. His friends, Axel, Dirk, Arnie and Boomer, are also dinosaurs who work with Digbee at the museum. If there’s one thing, however, that Digbee loves more than work or being snug and cosy in his cave at the beach, it’s having a day off with his friends. Digbee lives by the Bay of Fundy in Nova Scotia, and there’s so much to do on the mud flats by his cave -- hunting for rocks, digging for clams, and playing in the water. He had planned to spend his day off playing with the other dinosaurs, but they didn’t want to play with him. Digbee was confused and hurt by their rejection. Just because he was small, it didn’t mean he wasn’t good at playing or being fast. But Digbee knew he had plenty of other friends who would play with him.

I was thrilled to see Digbee, Sheri-Lynn Kenny’s enterprising young coelophysis dinosaur again, having first made his acquaintance in Kenny’s earlier book entitled Have You Seen My Touque? Unless you have a heart of stone, you can’t help but fall for Digbee, whose joy in living is quite infectious. I enjoyed meeting some of his other dinosaur friends, as well as learning how to pronounce their names correctly. Kenny’s illustrations are marvelous! They’re brightly colored and bold, and each one of these oil (or acrylic?) paintings is suitable for framing on a kid’s bedroom wall. Kenny’s dinosaurs and animals have an inspiring range of facial expressions, and each panel works incredibly well with the text. The Adventures of Digbee: The Mud Flat Bullies also shares some worthwhile lessons on kindness, cooperation, and appreciating everyone’s different gifts. This book celebrates natural history and is great fun at the same time. The Adventures of Digbee: The Mud Flat Bullies is the picture book kids will be asking for again and again at story time. It’s most highly recommended.

Reviewed By Gisela Dixon for Readers’ Favourite - 5/5 stars

The Adventures of Digbee: The Mud Flat Bullies by Sheri-Lynn Kenny is the second book in the series that revolves around Digbee, the dinosaur. This is a cute and fun read with a meaningful message, especially for kids. Digbee is a dinosaur that works at a museum and one day decides to go to the park to play with his other dinosaur friends. However, he is in for a rude surprise as his friends make fun of him for being so small and do not include him in their games. Digbee is sad and takes off to play with his other animal friends. A little while later, Digbee’s friends get into trouble and get stuck in the mud flats in the low tide. Digbee rushes to help them and in doing so shows true generosity of spirit and teaches a valuable lesson in friendship to everyone.

The Adventures of Digbee: The Mud Flat Bullies by Sheri-Lynn Kenny is a short, engaging read that is suitable for young children. The theme of a dinosaur and his friends is an interesting one that most kids will love. I also liked that it is a book with a message that speaks about the ills of bullying, and can really help kids understand that bullying of anyone in school is not okay and to stand up against it. The illustrations that go with this book are quite fun and colorful and complement the book well. All in all, I thought this was a good book for kids to enjoy and learn from!

Reviewed By Rabia Tanveer for Readers’ Favourite - 5/5 stars

The Adventures of Digbee: The Mud Flat Bullies by Sheri-Lynn Kenny is the story of a dinosaur and his friends, and how they changed a bad day and made it a good day. Digbee is a dinosaur with four dinosaur friends. He and his friends work in a museum where they stand for hours and hours and visitors have no idea that he and his friends are alive. He lives in a beach cave and on his day off he and his friends planned to visit a park and play. But things did not turn out the way he wanted them to. His friends are acting oddly and Digbee does not like it at all. There is something wrong and Digbee is the only one who can save his friends from the trouble they are in. However, to do that, he would have to put his hurt feelings aside and help his friends in need. Can he do it? Join Digbee and his friends on a new adventure and learn all the advantages of letting go and forgiving. 

This is a wonderful children’s book. With a great lesson and a great story line, The Adventures of Digbee is a great novel to teach your children valuable lessons of life. The book is written in a very soothing and easy manner. If your children want to read the book themselves, they should be able to do it easily. The illustrations also fit the story line and I can tell that it took the illustrator a lot of time to create. This would make a great gift to children who love to read. Amazing and very refreshing.

Reviewed By Ray Simmons for Readers’ Favourite - 5/5 stars

I like The Mud Flat Bullies by Sheri-Lynn Kenny. I am a nerd and this book is about dinosaurs. I think that roughly a year and a half ago, when the latest Jurassic Park movie came out, would have been the perfect time to launch it, but you can’t always coordinate a launch to coincide with something like that. Children will still love it and since it is part of a series called The Adventures of Digby, there is still a chance to market it at a time when dinosaurs are a hot topic. After all, it seems like they always come back in vogue one way or another and kids are always crazy about them. I am absolutely convinced that kids will love this book. If all their friends are talking about dinosaurs, it will just make it that much better.

Sheri-Lynn Kenny has created a wonderful little story with a big moral point. Lessons against the meanness of bullying and that display the power of keeping a positive and optimistic outlook are never out of fashion. Bullying is a big problem for kids of all ages and can even turn up in Presidential elections. Sheri-Lynn Kenny has put her own unique take on it in the form of beautifully drawn, very colorful, friendly dinosaurs that kids will love. I read The Mud Flat Bullies to a primary school class in China and they loved it. I’m sure American kids and even kids around the world will love it too.

Reviewed By Joel R. Dennstedt for Readers’ Favourite  5/5 stars

The challenge in writing for the very young reader is at least threefold: to provide a story line accessible and meaningful to the child; to “verbalize” the story in such a manner that the child is concentrating on movement rather than concepts; and to provide the basic images from which the child may fully indulge his/her imagination – in other words, to bring the images to life. Sheri-Lynn Kenny checks off these boxes in a most creative and unique manner in her children’s book: The Adventures of Digbee – The Mud Flat Bullies. 

Digbee is a dinosaur. To be precise, Digbee is a Coelophysis (see-lo-fise-iss). He works in a museum doing … well, nothing. He just stands there, because he is good at it. His fellow dinosaurs do the same. Except on their day off. Then they like to play. Like any young fellow, Digbee wants to play with the big guys, but they shun him as just too small. Every child has encountered this scenario: box checked. Kudos to Digbee, he shakes off his disappointment to find other animal friends with whom to play. In the meantime, the big dinosaurs get into a predicament in the mud flats. True to any youngster’s wishful fantasy, Digbee and crew become the saviors of his would-be bigger friends. Story told well: box checked.

But where Sheri-Lynn Kenny shines in The Adventures of Digbee is in the perfectly appropriate artwork that comprises her well-told story. As basic as any three-year old’s artful renderings, but subtly detailed in its comprehensive artistry, especially in the postures and expressions of its many characters, Ms. Kenny creates images to magically beguile and entice any attentive child. And that is what makes this little book a gem. Box checked.