Sheri-Lynn Kenny



Reviewed By Lucinda Weeks for Readers’ Favorite - 5/5 Star Rating

Counting Kittens by Sheri-Lynn Kenny is an adorable children's counting and rhyming book. Sure to delight both parents and young children alike, this story begins with ten whimsical kittens who go out to play. They sit down over lemonade and decide to take a camping trip. While away on their camping trip, the kittens have loads of fun. They sail the sea. They sunbathe, swim, roast marshmallows, go fishing, clamming, and even chase fireflies. They go fossil hunting, sing and dance, and watch the stars. The book also includes basic addition math problems that will challenge early elementary school age children.

This enchanting tale brims with adventure and overflows with fun and excitement. The colorful pictures will be certain to captivate readers of all ages. The author shows an outstanding level of both talent and creativity with this title. It is a must-read for children learning to count. I absolutely loved this book and enjoyed reading it over and over, and I am sure you will too. I have read numerous children's counting books and can honestly say that this was the most enjoyable one by far. The adorable kittens made me laugh and made me smile. Overall, it is a wonderful book. I highly recommend Counting Kittens by Sheri-Lynn Kenny to parents and children alike. Be sure to pick up your copy today! This book would make a great Christmas gift for every child on your list.

Reviewed By Mamta Madhavan for Readers’ Favorite - 5/5 Star Rating

Counting Kittens by Sheri-Lynn Kenny is an adorable story for children that is informative and educational. Ten little kittens head for the beach, looking for some adventure. Once they reach the beach, however, they get so confused, not knowing what to do as there are so many things there to keep them amused. They finally decide to go camping and they plan a wonderful trip. Once the campsite is ready, some kittens go sailing and a few of them go fossil hunting on the shore. They have a marvellous time splashing in the water, swimming, and suntanning. Their wonderful day is filled with lots of activities.

The book beautifully blends together the learning part with a story, making it very appealing to kids. The illustrations are bright, colorful and lively, give pace and movement to the scenes, and breathe life into the characters. The kittens are adorable and the author introduces kids to reading in a fun manner, making it engaging and entertaining. Children learn a lot of new things from the story.

The interactive session at the end is also helpful to kids to learn more about counting and new words to improve their vocabulary. It not only teaches young readers to count but also to add. It's a perfect book for bedtime storytelling and can also be used for read aloud sessions in classrooms and school libraries. As kids join the ten little kittens on their camping trip, they also learn a lot of other things which are useful to them.

Reviewed By K.C. Finn for Readers’ Favorite - 4/5 Star Rating

Counting Kittens is an educational children’s picture book by author and illustrator Sheri-Lynn Kenny. The story recounts the adventures of ten little kittens who set out on a sunny day to have fun, and along the way children are encouraged to practice counting and simple addition as the kittens divide into different groups to do different fun activities. The accompanying text is written primarily in rhyming couplets, giving a rhythm to the story as day turns into night and the kittens settle down to camp. At the very end of the book, some pages display the objects the kittens have come into contact with and encourage a quick counting activity.

Author and illustrator Sheri-Lynn Kenny has created a very pleasant and colourful picture book for children to read along to. The illustrations are hand drawn, simple yet vibrant, and it’s very clear for youngsters to understand them and see what’s going on in the story. The educational aspect of the book is very well thought out, with plenty of opportunities for parents to stop and count the kittens with their children as the story progresses. Overall, Counting Kittens is a delightful and vivid story that children who love animals and camping should enjoy.

Reviewed By Jack Magnus for Readers’ Favorite 5/5 Star Rating

Counting Kittens is a children's educational picture book written and illustrated by Sheri-Lynn Kenny. Ten kittens decide to go to Fundy Beach for a camping holiday. They each have exciting and fun things planned for their camping trip as there's so much to do at the shore. First, they have to set up their tent and gather wood for the campfire, but after those chores are done, there are so many ways for those ten kittens to enjoy their time in the outdoors. Kenny’s kittens and their adventures are easily followed by children who are learning to count, and the feline activities show children that numbers are a part of everyday life.

Sheri-Lynn Kenny’s children's educational picture book, Counting Kittens, is charming and funny, and it will have adults and children alike laughing at the antics of Kenny’s outdoors-loving kittens as they explore Fundy. Kenny’s illustrations are disarming and clever, and I found myself matching up her real life cats, which are shown in the front of the book, with those intrepid camping and counting kittens. 

I was also irresistibly drawn to counting the kittens on each panel and matching that number with the number of items shown on the bottom of the page. And Kenny goes beyond simply counting -- her presentations also introduce the concepts of addition and subtraction in a most nonthreatening way that is actually a natural progression from her story. Counting Kittens is a grand way to get kids to see that arithmetic can actually be fun and not at all the scary thing it can seem when presented poorly. Counting Kittens is most highly recommended.